Alma Mater Pre-orders Now Open

I am so excited! Eggertspiele has announced that pre-orders are open for Alma Mater; a game touted as the spiritual successor to Coimbra, which is one of my favorite games.

In the game, players become 15th century headmasters competing to strengthen their universities’ reputations and become the most prestigious school in the world.

Alma Mater Player Board

Using worker placement and engine building mechanics, players need to hire staff, recruit students, exchange books, and raise their place on the four scoring tracks. Similar to Coimbra, Alma Mater looks like it will have high quality components with its receded player boards, chunky meeples and tokens, and gorgeous art. The game also has a lot of variability since it has a large pool of students, professors, and chancellors that you will draft during the game.

Alma Mater Mini-Expansion

If you preorder from the Eggertspiele webshop, you’ll also get a free copy of the mini-expansion, New Students. This expansion adds four new students to add even more variety of play. It will eventually be released to game stores for purchase, but you can get your hands on it early by pre-ordering Alma Mater on the Eggertspiele webshop here:

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