The Gen Con Online Event Catalog is Now Live

Gen Con has released their event catalog filled with over 3,000 online gaming sessions, seminars, panels, entertainment shows, and more.

You can get your free Gen Con Online badge by creating an account or logging in to your existing account on the Gen Con website. Once you accept the Terms of Service  click the Get A Badge button on the left-hand side of the page, login,  and you will be all set.

With your badge procured, you can then start building your event wish list for when registration opens at noon on July 13th. Events will be scheduled on Eastern time, but with so many things happening, you’ll be bound to find something going on at all times of the day.

Many events will be free, but a majority of the ticketed events will have a base price of $2. A percentage of every ticket sold will contribute to I Need Diverse Games!; an organization that seeks to highlight the work of marginalized people and provoke discussions about intersectionality in gaming and culture.

You can find the Gen Con Online Event Catalog here.

To learn more about Gen Con Online visit the website here or check out the Gen Con Online Youtube info playlist here.

Image Credits: Gen Con

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