Spirit Island Now Available On Steam

Handelabra Games and Greater Than Games have announced the release of R. Eric Reuss’ Spirit Island on Steam.

Based on the original cooperative settler-destruction game, Spirit Island tasks players with protecting their island from from colonizers. The Early Access version of the game was launched in April 2020, but now with the full release players now have support for playing with 1-4 Spirits and against three different adversaries. New balanced and thematic modular island boards have also been added and work is now underway on two bonus Spirits for the game that were unlocked during the crowdfunding campaign. According to Handelabra, the mobile version of the game should be released by the end of 2020.

“Now that version 1.0 is released, we’re excited to turn our attention to mobile,” said Handelabra CEO Jeremy Handel.” We know that people love playing digital tabletop games on the go, and the response to Spirit Island so far has been incredible.”

Spirit Island is currently available (and on sale) on Steam , or via SpiritIslandDigital.com

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