Repos Productions Announces a New Edition of 7 Wonders

7 Wonders is back and better than ever! Repos Productions has announced they will be publishing a new edition of the game with a ton of updates.

• A larger box which finally matches the other formats of this line
• New cover art updating the 7 Wonders box to match today’s style
• A new golden logo
• Larger Wonders for an easier read and a better placement of the cards
• A day side and a night side for each Wonder, allowing players to dive in even deeper in the wonderful ancient world 7 Wonders offers
• New icons for chaining allowing an easier read and improved understanding of the game
• A clearer placement of the icons, allowing cards to be clearer
• A re-writing of the rules in order to make them easier to understand

No word yet on an exact date, but according to Repos this new edition of 7 Wonders is coming in sometime this September.

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