Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 8/14/20

It’s one of the most beloved days of the week: Friday! Let’s celebrate with some fun Kickstarter projects!

Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, Kitten

Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, Kitten (F.U.M.P.K) is a overwhelmingly cute set collection game where everyone is trying to create Princesses by collecting follower cards. There are 4 different ways to collect cards. Steal, which means you can name a card and ask a player if they have it. If that player has the card they must give it to you. You can Place which has you putting a princess card on the trade pile and then draw a number of cards equal to the princess card’s value. You can blind Draw one card from the deck. Lastly you may choose to Pick, which means you can grab the top card of the trade pile. If you manage to gather up follower cards that fulfill a princess card’s requirements, you can play the set to score points. The first player to play 12 points worth of princess sets wins the game.

F.U.M.P.K is similar to Go Fish, but has added mechanics that look like they make the game more strategic. This one looks like it will be great for families or anyone who is super into Kawaii-style art. If you need a good dose of cuteness, check out Fairy, Unicorn, Mermaid, Princess, Kitten on Kickstarter here.

Nova Lux

Nova Lux is a resource management/engine-building game about a collapsing universe alien species trying to find a new home. Establish a colony, satisfy your federation, and keep the peace so you can survive the collapse. The game is set up in a grid of cards. Each card represents a star that you can harvest from; exchanging some resources for other resources. Once a star’s resources run out, the harvesting player can add that star to their engine, revealing the next star in that location. If you are on the same star as another player you can trade wit them or attack to steal some of their resources. You’ll need the resources you collect in order to build a colony and then fulfill the needs of your faction cards. If you are the fist player to manage both tasks, you win!

I like that Nova Lux has a lot of variability between the random placement of stars and the drafting of factions. Each time you play will probably feel like a new experience as you never quite know what you’ll be working with beforehand. You can learn more about Nova Lux here on Kickstarter. 

Board Game Design Starter Kit

The Board Game Design Kit is a box containing all the bits you might need to finally put together that idea for a game you’ve always wanted to build. The kit comes with 100 cards + sleeves, 10 card stands, 12 regular dice, 5 blank dice, tons of cubes, meeples, and discs, dry erase markers, tokens, a ruler with traceable shapes, a dry erase board, stickers, and more.You also get a playtesting guide, how to design a board game booklet, and digital files for card templates, tiles, boards, and more. There are also upgrade packs that include deluxe bits to really give your game that professional feeling polish.

I’ve dipped my toes into the board game design pool and having bits to work with made it a lot easier for me to visualize what I was trying to create. This kit looks great for anyone who has an idea and wants to run with it or is looking for some inspiration. Perhaps having the right pieces will finally make that idea click. You can check out everything the kit has to offer on the The Board Game Design Kit Kickstarter here.

Lunar Base

In Lunar Base the players are trying to build the best base on the moon. You’ll start out with a basic base that gives you 3 basic actions each turn. You can build out your base by paying for module cards and adding them so that their colors match up with colored orbs on your base or other module cards. Matched orbs help reduce the costs of cards and the modules give you more actions. Players will keep adding to their bases until one of the victory conditions has been met (having 20 credits, having 10 colonists, 5 different science achievements, or if you have 4 influence cards in your hand). Players can mess with each other through the use of agents or by stealing modules on bases.

I like that the theme of Lunar Base comes through in the gameplay with actions being added as you expand. The art design of the game is really sleek and functional and it looks like a nice combination of puzzle and base building. Venture on over to the Lunar Base Kickstarter to learn more.

The Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table

I’ve wanted to get a gaming table for a long time. There are plenty of different vendors out there that make a variety of tables, but the ultimate in luxury for me has always been Wyrmwood. Their tables are gorgeous and almost always out of my prices range, but this Kickstarter is making it hard to resist. The modular element of the table is the size. No mater which size you buy, you can get a conversion kit which will adjust the table to a new size. For example, you buy the small coffee table and then one day decide you want a dining table. You get a kit and it will give you everything you need to create a table that seats 6 people for dinner comfortably. This makes the table long lasting, because it adjusts to your life.

The key here is to order the table in the color you like, because you can change everything about the table except its color. Accessories and such can always be added on later and Wyrmwood promises that all of their future items will be backwards compatible so you never have to worry about waiting to buy that one add on you want. If you are looking for a luxury gaming table then make sure to check out the Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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