Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/16/20

It’s another fine Friday. Let’s see what Kickstarter has cooking today.

Kabuto Sumo Board Game

Kabuto Sumo is a dexterity shoving game about Japanese Rhino beetles participating in the World Insect Wrestling Championship. To win the title and the game you mush shove your opponent off the board. Each player gets a character card with unique powers and signature move pieces. On your tuen you will take one of your discs or signature move pieces and push it onto the board from any edge. You can claim any discs that fall off of the board to be used on later turns. If you manage to push your opponent off the board you win!

I’ve never really seen a game like Kabuto Sumo before and having had a chance to play it, I can safely say that it is a ton of fun. I love that the rounded sides of the discs make it so that you can never quite tell hove your piece will affect the board as you push. Sometime you think you’ll push it perfectly straight, only to have the disc slide to the side of whatever you were shoving; leaving you out of position in the match. The pieces are nice and chunky and the art is fantastic. Make sure to check out Kabuto Sumo here on Kickstarter to learn more about this buggy brawl of a game.

Veiled Fate

Veiled fate is a strategy deduction game where, as a god of the realm, you’ll be trying to complete quests and gain renown in order to win. Being a god, you can’t directly influence the world, so instead you use your kid who is running around as a demigod in the mortal realm to do your bidding. Each player is secretly assigned a demigod, but thee neat thing about the game is that, you can control any of the demigods on the board. By assigning demigods to quests and then secretly voting on the outcome of the quest, you can earn the renown you need to win while messing with your opponents, but you have to be careful. If anyone figures out who your demi-god is too early, it will be that much easier for them to work against you.

I like that Veiled Fate is a deduction game that doesn’t involve lying or pleading your case (two elements that turn me off to deduction games). The deduction elements all come from how you place the demigods and how you vote. The game is also gorgeous with its stark, stylized art, high quality bits, and a nice GameTrayz inset to keep it all organized. You can delve into the world of Veiled Fate here on Kickstarter.


Swatch is a game of mixing and matching colors. Each player will be trying to complete their personal goal by creating a color scheme of three colors that satisfy their goal. Each turn you will be drafting cards and taking actions to collect and trade color tokens. Those tokens can be used to buy swatches which you can add to your color scheme.

Bright and bold in its design, Swatch can be played with up to 4 players and has an AI mode so you can take the game on solo. While it is a color based game, Swatch was designed with color-blind players in mind and uses shapes and text to help differentiate. I feel like Swatch is the type of game that looks simple to begin with, but as you play you discover there’s more strategy to it than you might think. Check out Swatch on Kickstarter here to learn more.

The Science and Séance Society

We recently did a preview of The Science and Séance Society, but the short story is you and your opponent are members of secret, Victorian-era society. One player is devoted to science and the other to magic. In a contest to see who’s particular subject reigns supreme, you’ll face off in a duel. S&S Society is an asymmetrical card/dice game where both players are racing to complete their objective before the other can. The science player must complete 3 cards by filling the dice requirements of each card. Each turn they will roll and assign dice to either their own cards to help finish their task or to the Séance players cards to slow them down. The Séance player arrange their cards in order by using abilities on the cards in their tableau. If the science player adds dice to the Séance cards it locks the card until the die is removed.

The game is an exercise in balance as your resources can either benefit you or hurt your opponent. I found I enjoyed the Séance side of the game more, but every game ended with both players being precariously close to winning before the scales tipped in favor of one side or the other. You can delve into the mysteries of The Science and Séance Society here on Kickstarter.

Project L: Finesse

Project L is a speed, tile matching game where you will be trying to complete the most puzzle tiles before the end of the game. You start the game with 2 pieces and on your turn you can take actions to gain new puzzle pieces, upgrade pieces, place pieces on a puzzle, or put a piece on all of your puzzles. When you complete a puzzle you keep the pieces you used to complete it as well as gaining the piece shown on the tile. In this way you will build up your collection of pieces making it easier to complete more complex puzzle tiles. This Kickstarter  is for the 2nd edition of the game plus the new Finesse expansion and Ghost Piece expansion .

The Finesse expansion adds goals that when completed give you credits which can be spent to take extra actions. I imagine having the extra actions would be a game changer and the goals are for things you’ll already be doing so they won’t be a huge distraction. The Ghost Piece expansion adds new puzzles, new pieces, and room for a 6th player. All in all this 2nd edition of the game looks great and the expansions are pretty exciting. If you like spatial puzzles as much as I go then you should definitely check out Project L: Finesse on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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