CATAN® 25th Anniversary Edition™ is Now Available

Together CATAN Studio and Asmodee have launched the CATAN 25th Anniversary Edition. This is celebratory version of the game comes with the classic CATAN base game, a 5-6 player expansion, the Helpers of CATAN scenario, custom dice, special iridescent player pieces, sorting trays for resource and development cards, and 2 packs of Gamegenic™ card sleeves. This sounds like the perfect gift for any fan of Catan and is right on time for the holidays.

“We have heard so many stories of families coming together over games of CATAN, finding moments of joy during a distressing time in our history,” said Pete Fenlon, CEO of CATAN Studio. “We are honored to introduce so many new gamers to the wide and wonderful world of tabletop games — there is probably no better way to celebrate 25 years than that.”

CATAN 25th Anniversary Edition can be purchased on, CATAN Shop, and other select retailers for $80 MSRP.

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