Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/11/20

This has been a week of a week so I’m just going to jump right in. To the Kickstarters!

House of Cats

House of Cats is an adaption of Wang Yu’s Tyrannosaurus’s Holiday. It’s a cute cat-themed roll and write with a little twist: Hidden Information. Each turn one player will roll the dice and hide one die. Once all players place the results of the visible dice in their house, the hidden die is revealed and everyone must find somewhere to add it. Whoever erns the most points from their cats at the end of the game wins.

I find the idea of mixing roll and write with hidden info fascinating. I imagine it creates a very challenging puzzle for players and moments of delight/despair when the covered die is revealed. If you are intrigued make sure to check out the House of Cats Kickstarter here as the publisher has no plans to go to retail at this moment.

Ugly Gryphon Inn

In this fantasy-themed solo game, you are an innkeeper trying to manage your patron’s needs. There’s a raging party going on at the bar, but some of your guests are sleepy sheepies who need their beauty sleep. Try to arrange their rooms so they can get a full nights rest or else they’ll take their sleep-deprived frustrations out on you. You’ll start with 4 cards on the table which make up the bar and you must choose one to move into the inn, check their Irks and resolve them, and then replace them with a new card at the bar. You’ll repeat this process until there are no cards left in the draw deck. If you’ve managed to move 7 or more patrons into the inn, you win, but if there are ever 8 patrons in the discard pile, you lose and it is a dire day for the inn indeed.

Ugly Gryphon Inn looks like a quick yet challenging logic puzzle with a quirky theme and fun art. As with all Buttonshy Games, its designed to be pocket-sized so you can bring the fun with you wherever you go. Button shy makes great little games so definitely check out Ugly Gryphon Inn on Kickstarter here.

All-in-one Tabletop Game Organizer

I’ve seen a lot of table organizer sets, but I haven’t seen too many that make use of the dice tower as a storage device. The All-in-one Tabletop Game Organizer is a modular set where you can mix and match the elements you want in the style you want. There are 16 different types of tiles including a dice box, coasters, dice tray, card holders component organizers, and more. When you remove the tiles, you can insert levels and transform the storage case into a dice tower.

It’s a slick system with magnetic latches and clasps to keep everything in place and I was surprised to see that it is competitive in price as compared to many larger companies. I also like that you can get the set in a variety of woods to match your own personal preferences (the Black Walnut or Wenge are my favorites). Visit the All-in-one Tabletop Game Organizer Kickstarter campaign here to learn more.

Vindication® Board Game and Chronicles Expansion

Vindication is a game about restoring your honor. As a former bad-person who had a near-death experience, you’re looking to turn your life by exploring the island, defeating monsters, recruiting friends, and generally adventuring to your heart’s content. This Kickstarter is funding a reprint with the Chronicles expansion which gives you more control of how your character progresses, adds legendary powers, and creates an emergent story as events will force to make choices.

I love a good adventure game and Vindication looks like it as pretty as it is exciting. The base game comes with gorgeous components that tuck away securely in Game Trayz inserts. There’s a whole bunch of bonus content as well with miniatures, exotic pets, mini-expansions and more. Check out Vindication here on Kickstarter to learn more.

Board Game Blankets: Stay Warm, My Friend

It’s winter. Are you chilly? Do you love board games? How about wrapping yourself up in board game themed blankets? Yep, these really are blankets. Stay war, stay stylish, and get yourself a blanket by backing Board Game Blankets here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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