Haba Joins None Pub in a Multi-Day Game Jam

Have you ever wanted to design a game and get feedback on it from esteemed board game professionals? Now’s your chance! Haba recently announced that they are partnering with the digital convention NonePub21. The event is designed to foster new and experienced game designers and help them realize their ideas.

During the convention Haba will be hosting a 4 day event where participants will be mailed a bag of Haba game components, have access to the Nonepub Game Jam Discord channels, and be a part of the raffle for game design related prizes. The event will also have a curated list of panels and events to attend. Games will be presented on Sunday to a panel of judges.

This is an exciting opportunity for would be game designers and just a fun activity for friends and family alike! Teams can sign up here for $10. Each team will receive 1 bag of components (US Addresses only). You can get your NonePub badges here.

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