Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 2/5/21

Welcome to our regularly scheduled Friday Kickstarter list. Let’s check out what caught my eye this week!

Moon Adventure, In a Grove and Dokojong

Oink games are perfectly portable and often a ton of fun. This Kickstarter campaign is running to help fun the publication of 3 games simultaneously! Moon Adventure is based off a previous title, Deep Sea Adventure, and challenges players to work together to recover lost supplies without using up all of their precious oxygen. Dokojong is a deduction game where players must try to guess where each others dogs are hiding among the tiles. Lastly, In a Grove revised edition is a bluffing and deduction game where you must try to discover which of three suspects is a killer while luring your opponents into accusing an innocent suspect. This revised edition adds updated rules and upgraded components.

If you like quick, streamlined games that are fun for a wide variety of players and are adorably tiny, then look no further than Oink Games. I can say from experience that In a Grove is a lot of fun and we enjoyed Deep Sea Adventure so I suspect I’ll get a kick out of Moon Adventure. Learn More about these exciting games here on Kickstarter.

Button Shy Wallet Games – Reprint Campaign 2021

Need even more tiny games? Try Button Shy’s wallet games! They’re pocket sized and span a wide variety of genres. Some of our favorites from the collection are Circle the Wagons and Sprawlopolis. For this campaign, Button Shy is starting off with three games and as each stretch goal is met, they will allow backers to vote on other titles to add to the reprint.

This is a great time to get your hands on an entire collection of games that barely take up the space of a regular game. Check out the Button Shy Wallet Games – Reprint Campaign 2021 here to learn more!


CoraQuest is a cooperative dungeon crawler for everyone ages 6 and up. Designed partly as a way to make homework more fun, the game tasks player with exploring a dungeon, fighting monsters, and collecting loot. CoraQuest was collaboratively designed by Dan Hughes and his eight year old daughter, Cora, and features artwork drawn by children all over the world. There’s also a free web-based companion app that can help players create characters that can be printed out on “official” cards and matching standees. This way you can add your own art to the game when you play.

I love this idea and I really hope that this experience will help inspire Cora to become a game designer when she grows up. The game looks charming and great for young adventurers. You can explore CoraQuest here on Kickstarter for more info.

Maquis: 2nd Edition – Reprint with NEW Content!

Maquis is a solo-play, worker-placement game where you play as the resistance against the Nazi occupation of France. You’ll be moving around the board trying to accomplish missions within a set amount of turns. Be careful though, because the Milice collaborators and Wehrmacht soldiers are patrolling and you do not want to get arrested.

This 2nd edition adds new components, challenging 3-star missions, new spare rooms and resources, and updated rules. If you’re like me and already own the game you can back specifically for the upgrade kit so you can enjoy the new content without having to rebuy everything. We really enjoy Maquis and think its worth checking out. You can learn more here on Kickstarter.

DOOM MACHINE: A Mint Tin Card + Dice SOLO Game

Doom Machine is an intense solo experience that sets the player against a murderous machine in a dice-placement game. To win you must grind your way through 10 random machine parts and then defeat the core. Andrew did a full preview of the game here, but the quick version is – Doom Machine is brutal. Each turn you will roll your dice, use any adjustments you might have earned, and then assign your dice to either damage the machine or shield yourself. Then the machine will activate and wreck house with its devastating attacks, heal itself, or raise it’s own power or sentience (that is a terrible thing by the way). If you manage the tremendous task of destroying it before it grind you to paste, you win!

While Doom Machine is challenging and requires some luck, the revealed machine parts resolve in an orderly fashion which means that once you start a turn and roll you can strategize. You know what’s coming so it’s just a matter of choosing how your will use your dice as you play. The artwork is stylistic and disturbing without being gory or graphic and fits the theme perfectly. Make sure to check out Doom Machine on Kickstarter here if your looking to add a really fun and difficult solo game to your collection.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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