Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/19/21

Surprise! It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate the incoming weekend with a fun list of Kickstarter!

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is a party game where players are split into two teams that are made up of medium and 1 spirit. The spirit will try to help the mediums guess a secret object through the use of clues. Each turn the mediums will choose a question from their cards to ask the spirit. The spirit will then start writing out the answer. You want to try to guess what word the spirit is writing quickly as both teams are trying to guess the same object and the clues you receive can help the other team. The first team to figure out the secret object wins.

The game’s are design is evocative of Ouija boards and captures that classic spooky feel. I really like the idea that both teams are working to guess the same thing and so you are really invested in what the other team is doing each round. It It looks like a simple game to learn and the kind of game you can play with just about anybody. Tune in to the Kick-spirit world here to learn more about Ghost Writer.

Death Valley

Are you looking for a drop-dead gorgeous, press-your-luck tableau builder? Then you are in luck! Buttonshy Games has a new wallet game, Death Valley, that takes players on a beautiful journey through Death Valley in Eastern California. The goal of the game is to gain as many stars as you can from location cards. Each turn you will have choose whether to add a face-up or face-down card to your journey or to rest. When you rest, you will add 1 card from your journey to your scrapbook. Any time you have 3 matching hazard icons showing on the cards in your Journey, you bust and must remove 1 of the hazard cards from the game and shuffle the rest of your Journey back into the deck. Once there is only 1 card left, the game ends and the player with the most stars wins.

I like the streamlined rules and the fact that the game is composed of only a small deck of cards. This means it is easy to take with you anywhere and the bar of entry to learning/remembering the rules is low. Games like Death Valley are often favorites for Andrew and myself as we can play them anytime quickly and easily. Also, I know I’ve said it before, but the art…. oh so pretty and informative! Each card has a little factoid about the park making the game a nice gift for people who enjoy travel and nature. Learn more about Death Valley here on Kickstarter.

Hunted: Wode Ridge

Hunted: Wode Ridge is a solo/cooperative, horror game where players take on the roles of curious kids and an alien they’ve made friends with. You’ll be exploring Wode Ridge and trying to find evidence of supernatural happenings before time runs out. Each turn you will draw cards from the Hunted deck, hide, or rest. Hunter cards are double sided (each side having different effects) and can be used as resources, gained by paying for them, or may even be locations or troubles you’ll need to face. There is a push-you-luck element to the game where if you draw too many cards with bell icons and you draw a trouble card, that trouble card will activate and bad things will happen. If you can manage to find enough evidence you’ll reveal the boss monster you need to defeat to win the game.

I like the look and feel of Hunted: Wode Ridge. It reminds me a lot of Stanger Things with its portals to flipsides of reality and the 80’s style horror vibe. I think this one will resonate with anyone who enjoys a tense, creepy co-op adventure. Investigate what’s going on with Hunted: Wode Ridge here on Kickstarter.

Stellaris Infinite Legacy

I have a friend who is… let us say “enamored” with the video game Stellaris and considering how well Stellaris Infinite Legacy is doing on Kickstarter I think there are plenty of people who agree with him and want to see it made into a board game. The project is funding a 4x style board game where players will design their own species and expand their civilization across the universe. Just like in the video game, you’ll upgrade technology, discover new solar systems, form federations between players and non-player aliens, deal white pirates, develop your economy… the list goes on and on.

Stellaris Infinite Legacy is designed to foster emergent storytelling and give you a robust 4x experience in just two hours. This seems like a lot to pack into that amount of time, but I’m hoping they pull it off as I’ve always been interested in the video game, but I have wished that there was a more streamlined way to play. Learn all about Stellaris Infinite Legacy here on KIckstarter.

Dungeon Date

I’m going to be singing the Dungeon Date song in my head all day now, thanks Michael.

Dungeon Date is a cute tableau-building game where you’ll be decking your adventurer out in the latest dungeon fashions and dating/slaying some marvelous monsters. Each round you will secretly choose an action card from your hand to play. Everyone will reveal their cards and resolve the actions in the order they appear on the dungeon board. If you chose to open a door, you will encounter a monster and must choose to romance, befriend, or slay it by matching symbols on its card with symbols on your outfit. Treasure you gain can be immediately equipped as part of your outfit. Swap your outfit around as you play to ensure you have what you need to woo those beautiful beasties.

Dungeon Date has all that quirky charm I love to see in a game. The art is whimsical, the theme delightful, and the gameplay looks light yet strategic. Schedule yourself for a night out with Dungeon Date by heading over to the Kickstarter project here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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