New Critic Review Feature Coming to Board Game Atlas

Board game community and price comparison tool Board Game Atlas has announced that they are implementing a new review feature which will allow select  critics to provide their own rating to games. This new critic score will be added to the current review system in addition to the user score and rates games on a 100 point scale.

“With any current platform, all reviews regardless of source are grouped together. It is hard to distinguish what is real or whose opinion you are listening to. This new system would allow you to get a definitive answer from only the most trusted sources in the tabletop gaming community.” Said Chief Marketing Officer Phil Ryuh.

“Implementing this new feature brings us closer to achieving our mission of being the place where the conversation about what games to choose happens. Expert board game opinions can be found across numerous different platforms and mediums. With this new feature, we are bringing together the critical consensus of a title in an easily digestible way.”

The critic review feature will launch May 15th and some prominent reviewers are already a part of the program, but for anyone interested in applying the open enrollment period starts today and runs through April 24th, 2021. Each candidates will be vetted and selected if they match Board Game Atlas’ criteria of minimum content and audience requirements

You can apply using the Open Enrollment Form and Guidelines at Board Game Atlas:–new-feature-preview-and-invitation-to-content-creators

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