The Game: Face to Face Delayed

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming The Game: Face to Face will be sad to hear that due to the global shipping situation this year, the game will be delayed. The shipment has been stuck in Montreal for weeks and has just started moving again. To reflect this, Pandasaurus has moved their release date from May 19 to June 2.

The Game Face to Face cards

If you are unfamiliar with The Game, it is a card shedding game where two players will need to add cards from their hands to personal piles of cards in ascending and descending numerical order. In this competitive version version players can, once per turn, play a card to their opponents piles potentially helping their opponent while avoiding adding more cards to their own pile. You can learn more in our Game in a Minute: The Game Face to Face review.

Currently the initial run of The Game: Face to Face is sold out so Pandasaurus is no longer accepting pre-orders on their website, but you can still pre-order/purchase the game from your local game store.


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