Renegade Announces Love Letter Princess Princess Ever After

Based on K. O’Neill’s graphic novel Princess Princess Ever After, Love Letter Princess Princess Ever After tasks you with finding the right ally to secretly deliver your letter to Princess Isadora for a chance to win her heart.

Love Letter is a game of deduction where players will draw 1 card and play 1 card in an effort to expose the cards the other players hold and eliminate them from the round. The last player standing delivers their love letter to the princess and is awarded an affection token. Whoever earns the set amount of affection tokens first wins!

In Love Letter Princess Princess Ever After you can entrust your letters to an invincible Ogre, the lightning fast Unicorn, or Princess Sadie and Princess Amira themselves. The game includes 21 tarot-sized character cards and 13 acrylic favor tokens and is intended for 2-6 players, ages 10+. You can pre-order the game from the Renegade Online Store here.

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