The Game: Face to Face Now Available

If our Game in a Minute on The Game: Face to Face got you all excited for competitive card-shedding then rejoice! Release day is here!


The competitive version of the card game The Game: Face to Face is now available at local game stores and online. The game features similar gameplay to the original where players lay down cards in ascending and descending piles, but now both players are competing to get rid of their cards first. You can always play to your own piles, but once per turn you can also play a card on one of your opponent’s piles, breaking all rules. You have to be careful though as when you do this, you’ll be helping them.

To celebrate the release, Pandasaurus is giving away 3 game bundles that include: Ohanami, The Game, and The Game: Face to Face. Winners will be chosen Friday!
Enter the contest here



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