Underdog Games Announces Trekking Through History

Underdog Game has just announced the latest installment in their Trekking Game series: Trekking Through History!

While still in development, the game supposes that Humanity has discovered how to travel through time and is now visiting moments of history in our past. Since the game is focused on historical tourism, the events you will visit will be exciting times that are family friendly, so you’ll be able to attend the first Olympics or see the creation of famous Handprint of the Maros-Pangkep caves. The game is designed to encourage curiosity while being accessible to everyone ages 10 and up.

Though they haven’t given many details about the rules, Underdog Games says that Trekking Through History will be very different mechanically from their previous titles. Trekking Through History heads to Kickstarter in early 2022, but you can stay in the loop by signing up for updates on the Underdog Games website here.

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