Pop-Up Gen Con and Gen Con Online Badge Registration Now Open

Want to attend Gen Con, but can’t for one reason or another? No worries! Gen Con Online and Pop-Up Gen Con give you a taste of the convention experience in the comfort of your own home or local game store.

Gen Con Online is an online convention featuring gaming, entertainment, and other events livestreamed over Twitch and supported by the Gen Con Discord community. You can try demos of games, sit in on panel discussions, and enjoy all that Digital Gen Con has to offer. Badge Registration for Gen Con Online is free and you can snag yours at gencon.com/online.

Pop-Up Gen Con experiences will be happening at over 200 stores around the country. At these events you can hang out with your local gaming community and check out newly released games from select publishers, demos, events, and sales. Each store will have their own COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, so make sure to check with them before you attend. Pop-Up Gen Con will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021 and badges cost $5. You can find your local event and register for your badge at gencon.com/pop-up.



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