Pandemic Now Available on Board Game Arena

Awesome news! Z-Man Games’ cooperative virus fighting game, Pandemic, is now available now on Board Game Arena (BGA)!

If you haven’t heard of, Pandemic is a cooperative, strategy game where everyone takes on the roles of disease fighting experts who are trying to suppress and eliminate 4 deadly viruses. Most games of Pandemic that I have played, have been nail-bitingly tense as the game can be really challenging if the cards don’t go your way.

Having the game on Board Game Arena means that you can play with anyone, anywhere. Board Game Arena is a streamlined platform that connects players all around the globe so they can play together online. I love the fact that BGA handles all the rules for you so it’s a lot easier to jump right into the game. BGA also has the solo rules integrated already so you can take on the diseases all by yourself if you dare! Learn more and get playing today by visiting Pandemic on Board Game Arena here!

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