Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/23/21

Hello Friday Fans! I’m so glad our favorite day is here. Let’s jump right in and see what Kickstarter has in store for us this week!

Hero Realms Digital Deckbuilding Game

Hero Realms is a fantastic deck building game. and now, through the magic of Kickstarter, Wise Wizard Games is digitizing it! The fantasy card game gives each player a starting deck that they can add to by slaying monsters for coins and spending those coins to buy buy champion cards and action cards from the Market. You can use combat to attack your opponent and if reduce your opponent’s health to zero, you win.

Hero Realms Digital Deckbuilding Game

The digital version will have solo play versus an AI opponent, online ranked matches, challenge mode (where you can battle your friends), a cooperative adventure mode, and Pit Fight, in which you battle against powerful foes and level up after each fight, but if you lose you start at level 1 again. I love Hero Realms and having the opportunity to be able to play online with friends or by myself whenever I want sounds awesome! I cannot wait to see how the digital game comes out. You can nab yourself a copy by backing the Hero Realms Digital Game here on Kickstarter.

AB Con – The African Boardgame Convention

It’s been wonderful to watch the African gaming community grow over the years ever since I learned about  Kenechukwu Ogbuagu’s (KC) efforts to build the first board game café in Nigeria. Now, not only is there a thriving space for the community, but they are also going into their 5th celebration of the African Board Game convention. This convention brings together thousands of excited players to their hobby.

The African Boardgame Convention

This year AB Con is Kickstarting the event to ensure that they can secure a location, provide personnel, and be able to host an awards ceremony. This is a wonderful event and I hope that you will consider supporting it as we can always welcome more game lovers into the world community. Learn more about AB Con here on Kickstarter.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Orlog Dice Game

I’ve been playing Valhalla for a while now and one of the fun side things you can do in the game is challenge people to Orlog, a 2 player dice battle. In the game, players will take turns rolling their dice and decide which ones they will keep as their attack and defense. They’ll have 3 chances to roll, but once they lock a die, it cannot be rerolled. In rock-paper-scissors kind of gameplay, each symbol has its’ opposite so, for example, an axe can be defended against with a helmet. If your attacks go unblocked your opponent will lose health and the game ends when one person’s health is reduced to 0. As you play you’ll earn coins which can be used to persuade the gods to help you by healing you, damaging your opponent, removing their defense, or so on.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Orlog Dice Game

I was surprised at how playable the video game version is and I’m very intrigued at having a physical set. PureArts looks like they’re are creating a really faithful adaption with all the bells and whistles. If you are a fan of the video game or love thematic dice games, then make sure to check out Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Orlog on Kickstarter here.

Run your own distillery in the strategy card game, Distilled. In the game you’ll be trying to earn the most Spirit points and become the Master Distiller by growing your business and selling spirits. On your turn you can buy recipes, ingredients, items, and upgrades from the central market and then use those items to bottle spirits and improve your distillery. You’ll have 2 secret objectives and if you manage to meet either of them, you’ll score extra points.

Distilled components

There is a lot going on in this ero-style game. You’ll be building your recipe list, pushing your luck as you try to purify your ingredient list, aging your spirits, managing your resources, and upgrading your facilities. This is definitely the type of game you can really dive deep into. If you are interested in the process of distilling spirits then this might just be a game for you. Learn more about  Distilled on Kickstarter here.

I’ve heard of Steampunk, Diselpunk, Frostpunk, Cyberpunk, Stormpunk, and even Sandalpunk, but, considering my predilections for all things spooky, I am surprised that I had never heard of Wickerpunk before. In the case of the Wickerpunk RPG, the game is a gothic horror supplement for D&D that smashes together fantasy with folklore. The book gives you an introduction to the world, new takes on classic classes and monsters, provides you enemy groups like cultists and evil druid circles, a bunch of thematic magic items, and some sample campaigns to help you get started.

Wickerpunk RPG

I love the theme and the art design is really stylized to give you an old world feel. If you’ve always wanted to add a bit of the Witcher or The Dark Is Rising flair to your adventure game then make sure to check out Wickerpunk on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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