Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/30/21

Oh my word, it’s Friday already! Wooo hoooo! Let’s get this Kickstarter list started!


Synchronized is a cooperative, team-based memory game where players compete in Synchronized Swimming (or Artistic Swimming as they now call it). The game plays out over 3 phases. During the first phase, Rehearsal, the teams will lay out a sequence of cards and memorize them. In the next phase, Competition, the teams will try to secretly recreate the sequence from memory. Lastly, the Performance phase has players flipping over the sequences they constructed and scoring points for each card they match correctly. The rounds of the game get more difficult as you have to add more cards to the sequence and take on challenge cards.

Synchronized components and box

Maybe it’s because the Olympic Games are on right now or maybe it’s because I think Synchronized will be an exceptionally fun challenge, but either way the game looks clean, elegant, and a great gift for anyone who loves to show off their memorization skills. Check out Synchronized on Kickstarter here to learn more and make sure to check out our interview with the designer, Anna Marie here!

Deckchairs on the Titanic

The world of competitive deck chair reservations is apparently more cutthroat than I ever suspected. In Deckchairs on the Titanic everyone plays chair attendants looking to reserve chairs for the affluent passengers of the Titanic in exchange for hefty tips. Each round you will have 3-4 actions to move a deckchair to a more optimal space, push an ice block across the promenade, or reserve a space. Once everyone has taken their actions, the round ends and the ship moves. The programmed movement of the ship will shift things around on deck. The passengers have certain requirements you must satisfy to earn a tip, but you can always count on gaining a bunch of cash if you can secure the middle of the deck for them. Once the ship runs out of movement cards, the game ends and the person with the most points from tips wins… Then, of course, the boat sinks.

deckchairs on the Titanic components

Deckchairs on the Titanic reminds me a lot of those sliding puzzles that I am terribly bad at and yet intrigued by. I love the quirky theme with that slightly dark twist and I like that the boat’s movement changes things up every round so you have to adjust your plans on the fly. Don’t let Deckchairs on the Titanic sink on Kickstarter! Visit the game’s campaign here!

The Lost Code

I like puzzley deduction games, so it’s no surprise that The Lost Code caught my eye. In the game you will have a set of stones in front of you. On the back side of the stones will be a number that is viewable by everyone but you. Your job is to guess what numbers are on the stones using your deductive reasoning. To get clues about your stones you’ll roll dice to determine which color stones you;ll add together to guess the sum of and then use a wheel to estimate the range of the sum. If you are correct you can move your marker around the scoring board, but if you are wrong you must exchange 1 of your stones with a new one of the same color. At the end of the game you’ll have a chance to make some final guesses and move your marker accordingly and the player who’s marker if furthest along the track wins!

The Lost Code game set up

The art design on the board for The Lost Code is really gorgeous and the game itself looks like it will be a satisfying brain burn as you’ll be not only mathing your way through the deduction, but also pushing your luck a little when you have to choose which guessing wheel to use. The wheels that move you farther have smaller ranges, so you need to be confident in your guesses if you want to choose them. Learn more about The Lost Code here on Kickstarter.

LOTS: Filled In

Roll and Writes are my jam and LOTS: Filled In looks like a fun, tetris-y one at that. The goal of the game is to gain the most points by building up your tower. To add pieces to your tower you will roll the dice and draft 2. One die will determine the color and the other will determine the shape. The rest of the players will be able to choose 1 die from the remaining pool to color in on their tower. You gain points for being the first to complete a level, having multiple colors on each level, matching colors to tool spots, and having the largest connecting area of each color at the end of the game.

LOTS: Filled In dice and sheet

If you love building games and roll and writes as much as I do, then LOTS: Filled In is probably for you. Secure yourself a copy by backing the Kickstarter campaign here.

Fedora Noir

Sometimes a tabletop rpg comes along and pokes my love or surrealism real hard. That’s the case with Fedora Noir. In the game 1 player is a detective trying to solve a mystery. The other players take on the roles of the detective’s Partner and their Flame. The game will ask you a series of questions that will help construct their relationships and conflicts throughout the game. So where is the surrealism you might ask… Welp, whenever the detective speaks or takes an action, their hat narrates their inner monologue. Yes, we just got a talking hat here folks!

The game is GMless and run through a deck of cards, playing out over 2 hours or so. This means that it is easy to strike up a game and finish in 1 sitting and it’s perfect for gaming while travelling as it doesn’t take up much space or need a bunch of components. You can discover more about Fedora Noir here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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