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Dice Deck-Building Roguelike: Astrea Coming to Steam in 2022

Akupara Games and Brazil-based developer Little Leo Games have announced their new title, Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles. Slotted for release on PC, this dice-deck-building roguelike game challenges you to purify waves of corrupted foes and fight a decayed goddess to save the Star System.

Astrea screenshot


Astrea uses classic deck-building mechanics, but introduces a new twist by having 6 sided dice instead of cards. According to Akupara “This allows for the emergence of the game’s core mechanic, where the player will need to tactfully balance between the Purification and Corruption of their foes and themself. As one of six characters paired with guardian Sentinels, players must defeat rooms of enemies or bosses to obtain upgrades in the form of new dice and character enhancements paired against dynamically changing gameplay as the climb progresses.”

You’ll have the option to choose from Six Brave Oracles, each of which has their own unique dice sets, abilities, and playstyles. As you progress through the game you will need to choose your path through the star system to the source of Corruption which will have you facing off against waves of enemies and give you opportunities to discover boons to help you succeed. Astrea looks like it combines the challenging deck-building of Slay the Spire crossed with the dice mechanics of Armello and a nice touch of beautiful art. If you are a fan of the digital deck-builder genre, then Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles looks like one to keep an eye on.

You can wishlist Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles here:

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