Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/22/21

It’s Friday my friends and that means Kickstarters! Let’s see what caught my eye this week!

Snack Time

Snack time is a roll-an-write about creatures sneaking through sewers to prey upon unsuspecting  pedestrians. Each turn you will roll 5 dice. allocating 2 to add traits to your creature and 3 to adding pipes to your sewer network map. If at the end of the turn your monster is in a position to snack on a pedestrian, they’ll take a few bites. There is some risk though as some pedestrians will alert animal control who will begin setting traps at sewer entrances. If your pipes connect to a trapped entrance, your creature will lose a trait and you’ll mark off a badge icon on your sheet. If a monster’s last badge token is ever crossed out or all the monsters are full the game ends. You gain points for the number of snacks consumed multiplied by the number of traits your creature has left and whoever has the most points wins.

Snack Time looks both delightfully quirky and gruesome. I like that the pedestrians will advance past the different entrances each turn so taking bites can be kind of risky. The art by Bodie is light and fun, keeping the game from getting to dark. You can learn more about Snack Time’s delicious campaign here on Kickstarter. 

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

Steam Up is a set collection game where the animals of the zodiac have come to dine on Dim Sum. Each player will play one of the zodiac animals each of which has its unique special ability. Players will take turns gaining food tokens and spending them to purchase steamers of Dim Sum in their zone from the turntable. The food gained from a steamer will go on your player mat to score points. You’ll also be able to draw and play fortune cards which will help you or hinder your opponents. At the beginning of a round a Fate card which can affect all of the players. After a certain number of steamers are purchased or the Fate deck is empty the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

I love the integrated turntable in Steamed Up. It is a wonderfully thematic way for players to interact with each other in an indirect way. You can check out what’s on the menu for Steamed Up on Kickstarter here.


Birdwatcher is a push-your-luck and set-collection game where players take on the roles of wildlife photographers vying to take photos of the bird of paradise. On your turn you can use your 3  actions to lure birds to your tree, take photos and collect insects, and publish to earn citation points. If you have any trouble luring birds you can always try to flush some new ones out or use your zoom lens to take a picture of a bird on another players tree. At the end of the game the player who earned the most citation points win.

Birdwatcher really stands out for its gorgeous art. It has a wonderfully bright color palette and beautiful table presence; looking like something straight out of the pages of a Audubon guide. This one could make a wonderful gift for any bird aficionado in your life. Check out Birdwatcher on Kickstarter here to learn more.

Dark Hand

Dark hand is a deck of playing cards with a twist. Each card has a light side and a dark side, both of which have different values. It’s meant to represent playing card games in two separate realities at once and I feel like some clever designers could really have a lot of fun with developing new games using these kinds of cards.

I like that the cards mix classic looking art with the color negatives of that art. They have a very striking appearance. Not much else to say, just go check out the Dark Hand here on Kickstarter.

As things start to normalize slowly, getting together with friends and heading to conventions are looking more and more likely. Thus toting games will become important again and so I look to bag shopping. The Ultimate Adjustable Boardgame Backpack is a slick design that compacts down for quick game nights or expands to maximum haulage for convention shopping sprees. When fully unfolded the backpack can hold up to 10 games. It also has pockets and holders for smaller items like pens and dice.

I really like that it is water resistant and was designed with comfort in mind with its thick straps and padded back. You can learn more about the Backpack here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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