Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/5/21

Hey Friday fans! Let’s see what kickin’ Kickstarters are on tap this week!


KÖ-ØP is a semi-cooperative 2 player game about trying to mend your relationship while assembling furniture. At the start of the game each player will receive a Hardship card which will define the challenge they face in their relationship and what they need to collect to win. Then each player will choose a Manual page, which when combined create the blueprint for the item they are trying to assemble. You need to assemble a tableau of cards that matches the blueprint while also adding symbols that both players need to win. The cards you add to the tableau are two sided and you can only ever look at the face of the cards in your hand, which displays placement rules, but the other side is where the symbols you need are displayed. You have to rely on your partner to communicate what is there, but they can only do that through limited clues. Once you’ve assembled 3 pieces of furniture you’ll evaluate how well you did at accomplishing your goals and building the furniture.

I had a chance to play KÖ-ØP and I can say that it definitely captures that Ikea-fueled, rage-inducing frustration when you desperately need one thing, but your partner insists on giving you nothing but clues about what they need. Learn more about KÖ-ØP on Kickstarter here.

SNACKBOX Mini Game Series : Collection One

The SNACKBOX Mini Game series is a collection of small box games that are quick to play. This series includes Deadly Jellyfish, a tile-laying/push-your-luck game about swimming while trying to avoid jellyfish, Skateboarding, is all about trying to land tricks while overcoming obstacles, Tasty Tacos, challenges you to assemble delicious tacos with limited ingredients, and a Space Race, is a dice-rolling racing game.

If you are looking for a bunch of games that look easy to toss in a bag and bring to game night, then definitely check out the SNACKBOX Mini Game series. The collection has a nice variety of gameplay styles and because they are quick playing, they are great for in-between games or as a warm-up to something longer. Check out the SNACKBOX Mini Game series here on Kickstarter.

The Nano9Games: Railways, City Planner and Empire

Need even smaller games? Check out Nano9Games. Nano9Games are super compact experience that only contain 9 Cards, 9 Dice and 9 Cubes.
Railways is a pickup and deliver game where you try to build a network of routes to get passengers where they need to go with the least pollution you can. City Planner is a city building dice game where you need to carefully decide where to place different types of boroughs to gain the most victory points. Empire is a worker placement game about building up your factory to earn the most profit.

Considering each game has so few components, I’m impressed that each game look pretty deep. I’ll be very curious to see how they play. You can check them out on The Nano9Games Kickstarter campaign here.

FLOAT: From the Deep

In the survival-horror game FLOAT: From the Deep the players take on the roles of cruise-goers whose ship has sunk. Trapped on a lifeboat, they make their way to a small island in the distance, but many challenges face them, including once from the depths. Each turn players will have 3 actions with which to draw, play, or discard cards in order to deal with weather conditions and monsters trying to attack. Throughout the game you’ll draw Out of The Blue cards with equipment, injuries, and events which can help or hinder. You’ll also be able to save other survivors of the ship which can help you out in a variety of ways, but if you want change them out you’ll need to ruthlessly throw them overboard. If you manage to survive seven rounds you win!

I love a tough as nails survival horror game so FLOAT piques my interest. I’m not a fan of the character design, but the gameplay looks promising. You can judge for yourself by sailing over to FLOAT: From the Deep on Kickstarter here.


Grove is the sequel to the solitaire game Orchard. In it you have 18 cards to arrange into a grove of fruit trees. You’ll be trying to meet the requirement of recipe/goal cards to win. Each recipe card has different scoring conditions so you can have some variety between games. Each turn you will draw a card and place it so it is overlapping another card to build out the grove. The fruit on the card that overlaps another card, must match the fruit it is covering, but once per game you can break that rule by placing a Squirrel on that tree. The Squirrel blocks anything from overlapping that spot and steals points at the end of the game so consider carefully before squirreling.

As a solitaire game, Grove is all about trying to beat your own best scores. I don’t play a lot of them, but Andrew is a big fan of Orchard and he seems pretty excited about Grove. I like that it expanded on the previous game’s play style and it looks like it gives a more robust experience. You can pick up a copy of Grove on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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