Tales From the Loop – The Board Game Coming February 8

Exciting news from Free League Publishing! Tales From the Loop – The Board Game is set to launch early this February!

So what is Tales From the Loop? The game is set in the Loop universe first designed as a roleplaying game where, according to the site: “In 1954, the Swedish government ordered the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator. The facility was completed in 1969, located deep below the pastoral suburban countryside, outside of Stockholm. The local population called this marvel of technology the Loop. Over the years since it was built, strange phenomena have started to appear in the area – mysterious creatures stalking the land, machines malfunctioning in inexplicable ways.”

In the board game, players take on the roles of local children investigating the mysteries surrounding the Loop-related phenomena. Each game is played out through 1 of the eight unique scenarios and turns in the game represent days. You’ll start each day at school and need to use your time to investigate wisely before you have to run home for dinner. The scenarios run anywhere from 90-120 minutes and can be played solo or cooperatively up to five players. Throughout the games you’ll be discovering secrets about all sorts of strange occurrences such as alien plant life and visitors from the past.

The game will include six high-quality miniatures of Simon Stålenhag’s robot designs. You will be able to find it in the Free League webshop and in retail stores everywhere February 8.


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