Sometimes I come across a game that makes me sit back and reconsider everything. Like, what is life really? Are we furthering the world with positivity? Have we reached some sort of pinnacle from which we can only descend? What is spam really?

YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand is one of those games. Due to my love of the absurd, I am delighted while at the same time perplexed by this idea.

Available now from The Op, YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand combines the classic dice game with canned cooked pork. According to the press release, you shouldn’t “don’t knock it til you’ve fried it!”. 😬

The game comes in realistic Spam tin packaging and includes a score pad, six meaty pink colored dice, and a cup with which to roll your meat cubes. Each of the dice faces feature different Spam dishes including SPAM Sushi Roll, SPAM & Noodles, SPAM Musubi, Fried SPAM Sandwich, SPAM Kabobs and SPAM Fries. Just like the original game, each turn you’ll roll all the dice up to three times, trying to create the highest scoring results. If you manage to roll five-of-a-kind, yell “Yahtzee!” and collect 50 points.

Are you intrigued or horrified? I still can’t decide. Either way, you can buy a copy of YAHTZEE: SPAM Brand on the Op webstore here: theop.games/products/game/yahtzee-spam



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