Join the Gen Con Participation Grants Program

Gen Con has announced that they are providing participation grants for active members of the gaming community who would like to attend the convention in Indianapolis but find the cost of attending prohibitive.

Potential applicants will need to fill out an application between April 4 through May 15. Afterwards you may be asked to do an optional audio or video interview with the selection committee and then everyone will be informed in June as to whether or not they were selected for a grant. Grants include complimentary 4-Day badges and stipends ranging from $450 to $1000 to cover cost of travel and food.

According to Gen Con: “Eligibility for Participation Grants includes being an active member of a tabletop gaming community and/or involved in gamer-adjacent/geek-culture communities that would benefit or learn from your participation at Gen Con Indy. Examples of gaming or gaming-adjacent communities broadly include (but are not limited to):

  • Activities at your local game store
  • Business interest: Aspiring game designer, publisher, game store owner, or other industry aspirant
  • Social media reach, active streamer, TikTok, Twitch
  • Gaming group (online or offline): local, school, place of worship, club, community center, etc.
  • Other groups: Cosplay, video games, LARPs, etc.

Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.”

This years Gen Con Indy 2022 will be held August 4-7, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN. You can learn more and apply for the grant starting April 4th at

Featured Image: Gen Con

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