Big News! The Village Big Box is Coming!

Its been more than 10 years since it’s original release and now Inka and Markus Brand’s Village is being rereleased in big box form!

I am beyond excited for this!

In the game you control a family living in a village and help direct their lives and earning them fame. They can take on different jobs, grow their family, craft items, travel, visit the market, and even run for office, but whatever your folk do, don’t forget that time is ticking. Every action takes time and eventually your family members will run out. That person will pass away and gain you prestige points by being immortalized in the village chronicle. Earn the most prestige before the Chronicle or graveyard is full and you win!

The Village: Big Box will contain the Village base game as well as the Inn and Port expansions. It also comes with every promo previously released, a new expansion, a solo mode, dual-layered boards, and a double-sided main board!

Village is one of our favorite worker placement games, so this announcement is exceptionally exciting! We cannot wait for its release by Plan B Games in early 2023


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