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Prime Day Board Game Deals

It’s Prime Day and that means board game deals a plenty! Trying to figure out what you should pick up during this day of discounts? Check out our recommendations below! 


Click the title of each game to be brought to its’ sale page.

Calico -45%

We adore Calico for its puzzely nature, fun tile-laying mechanics, and cats + quilts theme. Each turn you’ll be adding a patch to your quilt and trying to create color groups to attract cats to sit on your quilt for points.

Our Review of Calico

Just One -43%

Just One is at the top of our lists as far as party games go. It’s a cooperative game where one player must try to guess a word from clues given by all other players. The catch is that the other players must secretly write their clue on erasable easels and then show them to each other. Any identical clues must be erased. The remaining clues are the ones shown to the guesser, so if you all are writing the same thing, the guesser could be left with no clues whatsoever!

Our Game in a Minute on Just One

Jaipur -30%

Jaipur is one of our favorite two-player games. As traders, each player will collect goods or camels from the market and trade sets for coins. There’s a bit of a push-your-luck element as you want to build up the biggest sets you can, but the player who trades them fastest gets the higher rewards.

Our Game in a Minute on Jaipur

Kingdomino -30%

Kingdomino is a fantastic family game! Every turn you will add a tile to your kingdom, making sure to connect to matching terrain of an existing tile. You gain points based on the size of your territories and the crowns featured on them.

Our Game in a Minute on Kingdomino 

Trekking The National Parks -20%

Travel across America and see the beauty and wonder of nature in Trekking The National Parks. The game is a race to see who can collect the most points by visiting parks. The game is family-friendly, educational, and a lot of fun!

Our review of Trekking The National Parks

Trekking the National Parks game components

Lucky Numbers -43% 

We break out Lucky Numbers all the time when we need a quick and easy game to play. To win you need to fill your field with clovers, but the numbers you add must always be arranged in ascending order in every row and column from left to right and from top to bottom. This is a perfect game night or travel game.

Collapsible Board Game Storage Bowls -20%

Not technically games, but handy to have, storage bowls help keep all of a game’s bits organized during play. These bowls are brightly colored and fold flat for storage when you don’t need them.



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