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Return to Dark Tower Review (Including Dark Horde and Alliances)

Return to Dark Tower
Fantasy Adventure
Restoration Games
Tim Burrell-Saward, Isaac Childres, Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, Brian Neff
JJ Ariosa, James Bousema, Tim Burrell-Saward, Lindsay Daviau, Hakan Diniz, Chad Hoverter, Garrett Kaida, Qistina Khalidah, Jason D. Kingsley, Punga Miniatures, Jason Taylor

Return to Dark Tower is a monolithic sequel to a classic 80s game (that Team Gameosity never played, so no nostalgia for us).  It’s got huge table presence, app integration, a price tag to match its size, and it has become one of our favorite games.  Check out our full review to find out why!

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