Gioco Inedito Game Design Contest Call for Entries

Comics & Games and DV Games have announced that the 2023 edition of GIOCO INEDITO Game Design Contest is now accepting entries!

According to the press release: The contest, powered by Lucca Comics & Games and DV Games, aims to identify the best new card game design from all prototypes received, and to reward it with the publication of the game in a fully professional manner aiming for the highest quality. The contest will also recognize upcoming graphic artists with the “Best Artwork Award”. With this contest, Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest pop culture event in Europe, renews its commitment to authorship and emerging authors offering a concrete opportunity for new game designers to be able to be noticed, published and distributed internationally.

This year’s theme is “Twenty”, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first GIOCO INEDITO game. GIOCO INEDITO is open to Italian and English language submissions. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, February 15th 2023. International submissions can be done through this form:

All submitted prototypes must conform to the technical and style requirements described below to avoid exclusion from the award process.

  • The game must allow participation by at least two players, and must have a declaration of a winner at the end of a match (draws and cooperative games are permitted).
  • The inspirational theme of the game for this year 2023 will be: “Venti”, which means “twenty” but also “winds” in Italian.
  • The game must include: a maximum of 110 cards, set in a 6 cm x 9 cm format (designers are free to divide these cards into several decks, using different card backs) or a maximum of 55 cards, set in a 6 cm x 9 cm format (designers are free to divide these cards into several decks, using different card backs), plus a zipbag containing a dice and/or a maximum of 5 standard pawns.
  • The rulebook, which must be in Italian or English, must be printable on A4 or A5 sized paper, and cannot exceed 10,000 characters or be longer than 6 A4 sheets (or 12 A5 sheets), including covers.
  • Charts, drawings and other images are allowed in the regulations. Any text within images and charts will be counted within the limit of 10,000 characters.
  • The rulebook must state the maximum number of players. Designers are encouraged to include examples of gameplay situations in the rulebook.
  • Prototypes must be sent in printed format: TWO complete copies of the printed version of the game must be sent, including all printed and cut-out cards plus the game rulebook (so, TWO decks and TWO rulebooks).
  • We recommend all designers to pay particular attention to the packaging of the parcel to avoid damage during shipping.
  • All printed materials must be sent, at designer’s expense, before WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15th 2023 to: LUCCA CREA s.r.l. – GIOCO INEDITO, Corso Garibaldi, 53 – 55100 LUCCA – ITALY. All materials received will not be returned.
  • In addition to sending the game in both electronic and printed format, designers must also fill out the online registration form at: For the electronic version, the deck should be included as a single file containing all cards, including any that are repeated. The cards must be laid out to print on A4 sheets (9 cards per sheet, maximum total of 13 sheets plus an additional 13 sheets for the card backs). The rulebook must be in a separate file. For both cards and the rulebook, any of the following formats are acceptable: pdf, doc, rft, txt, odf, jpg, png, or gif. It is recommended that designers use the pdf format, and to compress all graphic elements to minimize the file size. It is highly suggested to send the cards in a format suitable to be loaded on either Tabletopia or Table Top Simulator, in order to ease to tests if these cannot be performed in presence.

The jury in charge of evaluating and play testing the games is composed by 8 experts chosen by Lucca Crea and DV Games, including President Luigi Ferrini, Prize Coordinator Daniele Boschi. All games submitted for GIOCO INEDITO 2023 will be evaluated on originality, playability, editorial, artistic, technical, and cultural value (though not necessarily in that order). The winner will be announced in April 2023. You can learn more about the content at

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