New Game Publisher Violet Daisy Games Hits the Scene Running

Marketing and media specialist AnnaMaria Phelps has started a brand new publishing house called Violet Daisy Games. The brand is based in Seattle and focuses on “creating stories: epic tales of fantasy adventures, subtle journeys filled with deep meaning, laughter filled amusements that add to a gathering or celebration.”

According to the press release, “The company aims in particular to focus on the people around the table through the camaraderie of cooperative story building and the sharing of fun, unique experiences.”

Violet Daisy Games has already announced its first two projects:

  • Epilogue, by Emma Larkins with art by Arnel Baluyot, is a collaborative narrative game centered around puzzling out how you wound up on the other side of death’s door.
  • You Don’t Meet in a Tavern, written by AnnaMaria Phelps with cover art from Beth Sobel, is a TTRPG supplement filled with adventure prompts to help any group launch an exciting journey.

The company has stated that they already have two more projects and will be announcing later this quarter.

You can learn more about Violet Daisy Games at

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