Metallic Dice Games Rebrands to FanRoll

Originally founded in 2014 by toy industry veteran Neal Hoffman, Metallic Dice Games is a company that produces dice and gaming accessories. The company made a name for themselves in the industry when they launched Elixir DiceTM, liquid core dice and raised over $1.2M through crowdfunding. The company recently announced its decision to rebrand the company as FanRoll and has launched its new website,

“While the company started with a focus on metal dice, today we have over 300 SKUS ranging from liquid core dice to tabletop accessories. Because of this, we felt a new name would better represent who we will be in the future.” said Hoffman.

FanRoll has many new and exciting products lined up and they expect to launch new items every other month throughout 2023. This Spring dice fans will be able to buy individual liquid core Elixir D20s and the company will be releasing a ew line of blind packs, branded Misfit DiceTM using the tagline “Adopt a Misfit”, which includes unique packs of mini, resin, and metal dice.  You can learn more on the FanRoll website and make sure to use coupon code Gameosity10 to save 10% off your next order.

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  • I am starting a new student game/gaming club at Mason County Central High School. I would like to request a sample game for us to try for the new club and ask about any “educator discount” program you may have. The group is brand new and just starting out for the 23-24 school year. As this is a brand new club, I am estimating the 20 student participation. This number may grow as we progress in the school year and as we plan to add table top gaming, D&D. The group will promote diversity and inclusion and be a safe environment for students of all grades, ages and ability levels to play in a safe and supportive environment. Mason County Central HS is located in rural West Michigan. We have approximately 400 students across grades 9th-12th. Over 55% of our student population is economically disadvantaged and eligible for free or reduced lunches. I expect many students who express interest in joining this new club will not “fit in” with other clubs or groups and also not be able to invest in games as some of their peers. All materials would be property of the Club “MCC Game Knights,” and would not be allowed to be taken home by students. Rather all of the games cards, decks and supplies would be available to all students who participate in the club. Thank you for your time and consideration

    • Hi Tim, We are not the sellers behind FanRoll. You should reach out directly to their site.


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