This Week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight 2/10/23

Welcome back to another exciting week of crowdfunded fun!

Chomp, Sail, Couture, and Mind Space

Allplay (AKA Board Game tables) puts out these amazing little board games in tiny boxes. They have 4 on Kickstarter right now!
Chomp: Place tiles to form herds of Dinosaurs and feed them lest the carnivores eat your precious herbivores. Living dinos score you points at the end of the game.
Couture: As a fashion designer, you will try to win cards in auctions and use them to assemble stylish looks to score points.
Sail: A cooperative trick-taking game for 2 where the players must work together to get their ships across the finish line before the kraken wrecks them.
Mind Space: A flip and write game where players are trying to fill their mind with emotions and find inner serenity. Each turn you’ll roll five dice to determine available colors and flip five emotion cards to choose from. then you’ll draw a matching shape/color onto your board. After 12 rounds you score based on how well you filled your brain and any goals you met.


All of these small box games sound like a ton of fun. I think I’m most drawn to the Sail due to its cooperative play and gorgeous art. Learn more about all the games here on Kickstarter!


Statera is a story driven game that proposes to be a double asymmetric game. I hadn’t heard this term before so I was intrigued at what it could mean. In Statera one aspect of asymmetry is between the Gods and Staterans and the second comes from the asymmetry between the factions. Each game you will choose a story, which will decide what maps you use and rules you play by. During the game the players might take on the roles of god or nations and must complete different victory conditions to win. The real unique piece in this game is the scale. It factors into all of the stories and is used to do a variety of things, but it is always in your best interest to have it balance in your favor.

Statera looks like an interesting  cross between a roleplaying game and a strategy board game. I also love the storybook feel of the art. You can dive deeper into the gameplay and lore here on Gamefound.

Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles + Doomed Run

Set a Watch is a cooperative, tower-defense style game where players are adventurers trying to get some rest at a campsite that is being attacked by monsters. The monsters advance on the camp and it is only by the radius of the firelight that you can see what is coming. The bigger you can build your fire during the day, the better chance you’ll have to survive. Forsaken Isles is a stand-alone expansion that provides a streamlined experience for shorter games, but you can incorporate all of the new materials with the original game and other expansions. Doomed Run is a bog box storage for all your Set a Watch games and adds a campaign where you will adventure through 7 different realms, trying to stop an insidious cult.

This campaign is a great way to collect up any of the Set a Watch games as well as adding all new content to the ones you already own. The series is puzzley, challenging and a ton of fun. Check it out now on Kickstarter.

Golf Quest

Golf Quest is a golfing adventure that that plays a little like a roleplaying game, but incorporates a lot of getting mad at a pencil. The basic idea is that you are trying to complete different fantasy courses while making friends, defeating rivals, and indulging in all the drama that golf has to offer. To take a stroke you will tip a pencil over and where it lands will determine where your ball goes. The game comes with 3 dungeons to golf through and a bunch of unique balls to unlock.

There are no images of the game sheets, but from the description it sounds like Golf Quest has a similar feel as video games like Golf Story and Golf With your Friends. You can read more on Golf Quest on Kickstarter here.


I love trick taking games and I adore cute animals so Tricktakers Kings sounds right up my alley. Each player will start the game with 3 characters and draft 3 more into their party. Some characters will be used as bonuses to a trick while others can be used to bid on how many tricks you think you will win. You will play five tricks and earn points based on how you bid. After 3 rounds, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Tricktakers Kings is super cute and the gameplay offers some interesting strategy. Because you can see your opponent’s characters, you have some idea of their strength and can bid accordingly. Check out Tricktakers Kings on Kickstarter to learn more.

What projects are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter with #GameCrowdfundSpotlight and check back next week for more fun projects!

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