This Week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight 2/24/23

Welcome to another week of crowdfunding projects! Let’s see what games we might back!

Alpujarras And Fisheries Of Gloucester

This campaign is launching on the 27th, but I’m so excited for new Dr. Finn games that I can’t help but throw it on here in anticipation. Alpujarra is a farming game set in medieval Spain. To win, earn the most silver coins by irrigating your land, growing fruit, and delivering it to the hillside villages. The game uses an action track where you can move as far as you like, but the player who is furthest behind takes the next turn so you don’t want to jump too far ahead. Fisheries Of Gloucester is a 2 player game where you’ll be racing against your opponent to catch fish. Each round you’ll have a set number of hours to spend on actions like charting your ships course, moving your ships, and catching fish.

Andrew and I are both long-time fans of Dr. Finn’s games. He has a knack for designing quick, tight games that give you plenty to think about without over-staying their welcome. You can check out both games on Gamefound here.

Agueda, Color Field, and Donut Shop

Need a bunch of games in one project? 25th Century has you back! They are Kickstarting 3 new titles: Agueda, Color Field, and Donut Shop. Agueda is a set collection game about decorating the streets of Agueda Portugal with colorful umbrellas. During the game you will draft tiles and place them on your street to attract tourists and score points. Color Field is an abstract puzzle game where you are painter creating 3 works of art. Yo will draw tiles and add them to your canvas, trying to match up as many points of color as you can. You’ll score points for matches as well as the largest sections of one color. In Donut Shop your job is to arrange the donuts in the display and fulfil orders. Earn money for nice groups of donuts and tips from orders. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

All three of these games sound absolutely delightful. I love the themes and the wonderfully colorful artwork. These could make for a really chill game night. You can learn more about them on Kickstarter here.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends

Street Fighter fans rejoice! This classic beat ’em up game is now in a cooperative cardboard form! Play as some of your favorite characters as you try to bring down the secret society by battling your way through waves of minions to reach your nemesis. You’ll use style cards and roll dice to take actions and build up your combo meter to make powerful attacks. The game is modular so you can change it up every time you play.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends seems like it might do a good job of capturing the feel of the original games. If you are a fan of the Street Fighter, then make sure to check out Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Legends on Gamefound here.

Lords of Vegas

I played Lords of Vegas a while back with some friends and really enjoyed it! Lone Shark games is publishing a new edition that includes a couple of expansions. Lords of Vegas is a dice-rolling, city-building game where you will be developing The Strip into a profitable series of casinos. During the game you can build casinos, expand and remodel them, and bet on what you will roll on the colored dice. If you bet correctly, the matching casinos will pay out. Lords of Vegas is all about clever placement and taking risks when they’ll profit you the most, but of course, lady luck can always turn on you at any moment. In this campaign you’ll get the base set with the Up expansion and be able to get copies of the new expansions: Americana which lets you vie over new locations like Mississippi riverboats and Reno. The Con Jobs expansion adds new convention events such as a Boxing Title Bout and a Monster Truck Smackdown.

The original Lords of Vegas is a ton of fun and this campaign makes it easy to get all the bonus content for the game. You can learn more about Lords of Vegas here on Kickstarter.

Alice is Missing: Silent Falls

Hunters Books has returned to bring us an expansion to the silent roleplaying game Alice is Missing. Played via text message, Alice is Missing is a roleplaying game where players are all people looking into the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high school junior in the small town of Silent Falls. During the game, the only way the players can communicate is via text messages either in a group chat or one on one. In the Silent Falls expansion you get more of everything: new stories, additional Suspects, Locations, Characters, Searching and Relationship cards.

If you like roleplaying and are looking for a game that you can play long distance with your friends, Alice is Missing is a perfect choice. Discover more about Silent Falls on Kickstarter here.

What projects are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter with #GameCrowdfundSpotlight and check back next week for more fun projects!

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