This Week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight 3/3/23

The weekend is right around the corner! Let’s celebrate by backing some fun tabletop gaming projects!


In space you definitely don’t want to float out into the darkness. In Tether you’ll be connecting astronaut cards that have consecutive numbers, but there is a twist. Each card in Tether has a two digit number in the top corner, but the person sitting across from you will see that number switched so and 18 becomes an 81. You can connect astronauts together if they have consecutive numbers. One player (or team) connects astronauts together horizontally on the table and the other connects them vertically. Once you have a group of six astronauts you’ll score it and then score again when it reaches 10 astronauts. Once a group reaches 14 or more you’ll score it, end the game, and the person or team with the most points wins.

Since each side is playing with the same astronauts, but sees a different number and connects in a different direction, you have an asymmetric puzzle with a lot of interaction between players. I really love the theme of Tether and the gameplay looks simple yet challenging. Sound interesting? You can learn more about Tether here on Kickstarter

Tiny Ninjas: Tournament

We reviewed the original Tiny Ninjas back in 2019 and had a fun time with it. It was a dice battler where 2 players would try to whittle each other’s health down by using Ninja Cards to either attack or defend and rolling the dice to determine the results. Since it first released the Tiny Ninjas line has expanded to include Heroes and a Puzzle Battle, but now 2niverse Games is upping the ante with a full on tournament. In Tiny Ninjas: Tournament you’ll be competing against your opponents in a collection of dexterity mini games that feel something akin to carnival games.  There’s a shooting game where you try to knock over objects with an arrow, a ring toss game, two different games where you try to get balls through holes, and a game similar to shuffleboard.

If you love dexterity games then Tiny Ninjas: Tournament gives you a a lot of variety in a small box. Just one of these could be a fun filler game or play them all in an exciting contest between ninjas! You can enter the tournament March 7th when Tiny Ninjas: Tournament launches on Gamefound here!

Sally Face: Strange Nightmares

Based on the video game and keeping in line with the other Maestro Media releases like The Binding of Issac: Four Souls and Tapeworm, Sally Face: Strange Nightmares is a creepy horror game where you and your friends will explore the haunted halls of the Addison Apartments trying to solve the mystery of Mrs. Sanderson’s murder. As you try to learn more you’ll have to face off against cultists in order to stop the Red Eyed Demon from spreading its corruption. The game is played through a series of scenarios that echo the events from the video game. In Sally Face: Strange Nightmares you will draw cards to progress the story and be forced to take mystery cards which will increase the corruption track. You will roll dice and use the results to remove opposing forces and solve mysteries, but if you roll 3 demons you’ll have to increase the corruption track. Once you get to the finale, you will take on one last challenge to win the scenario.

This one will be a fun pick for fans of the game and horror in general. You can uncover all the details of Sally Face: Strange Nightmares on Kickstarter here!

Cloud Nine: A Game of Wonderful Things

Cloud Nine is a game about sharing wonderful feelings and experiences with your friends. The game is comprised of a 3×3 grid of cards. On your turn you can either take a card from the grid to add to your collection or discarding an entire row of cards from the grid. Any cards removed must be replaced with new ones from the deck. If you draw an action card from the deck you must immediately follow the instructions on it. The first player to have 9 cards wins!

Games like Cloud Nine are all about the experience you cultivate with the other players using the game. Sharing stories that relate to the cards helps enhance the moment and helps you learn more about each other. Learn more about Cloud Nine here on Kickstarter here.

Scholars of the South Tigris

Scholars of the South Tigris challenges players to bring about the Golden Age of wisdom and knowledge. You will be obtaining scientific manuscripts from around the world and translating them to add to the Caliph’s collection. The game combines bag building, dice placement, color mixing, and worker placement. Each turn you will either play an action card with 1-2 dice and workers or rest to gain income and refill your actions. Dice determine the value of your action and the color research track it affects and workers can increase the value or change the color of the die. You gain points by translating scrolls, moving up the research tracks, and retiring translators. Once all 4 caliph cards have been revealed the game ends and the person with the most points wins!

I love the art for Scholars of the South Tigris and I always enjoy games with tracks that you fill. This game looks like it has a lot of interesting mechanics that are a nice mix of luck and strategy. Discover if Scholars of the South Tigris is right for you by heading over to the Kickstarter page today!

What projects are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter with #GameCrowdfundSpotlight and check back next week for more fun projects!

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