Meeple Design Announces New Game-Themed Coffee Line

Meeple Design, a UK company that creates unique merchandise for board game enthusiasts, has recently introduced a brand-new coffee line called Meeple Coffee. This unique venture marks the first specialty coffee brand of its kind in the UK, offering coffee enthusiasts a delightful blend of flavors: Explorer’s Treasure, Farmer’s Choice, Hero’s Upgrade, Civilization’s Foundation, and the decaf option, Captain’s Clarity. Each blend is thoughtfully designed to align with specific styles of board games and features captivating artwork created by Johannes Winkler.

(Note: the coffee images provided are mockups. The packaging will be taller and thinner.)

When it comes to sourcing their beans, Meeple Coffee prioritizes the high quality and ethical practices, procuring them from a range of smallholders worldwide. In line with their commitment to sustainability, Meeple Coffee collaborates with environmentally conscious coffee roasters who strive to achieve carbon neutrality. They prioritize the use of recyclable materials, including their coffee bags, further contributing to their shared ethos of sustainability. Moreover, Meeple Coffee actively engages with a select group of independent green coffee suppliers, ensuring that their supply chain remains transparent, sustainable, and fosters positive social change within coffee-growing communities.

Meeple Coffee is currently available for purchase on their website, You can buy individual bags or opt for a no-obligation subscription, which offers a 10% discount. You can also buy artwork from the bags and accessories necessary for a delightful brewing experience. Meeple Coffee plans on expand their range by introducing new varieties and limited edition box sets in the future.

While I can’t drink coffee myself, this is exciting news for that venn diagram of folks who love to play games and enjoy a good cup of joe!

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