Contents of Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Packs Revealed

Star Wars™: Unlimited is a fast-paced, deck-building adventure that’s geared to be as welcoming to newcomers as it is satisfying for strategic masterminds. In the game, you’ll encounter beloved heroes, infamous villains, iconic ships, and breathtaking settings from every corner of the legendary franchise, spanning movies, TV series, comics, video games, and more!

Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee have unveiled the contents of a Star Wars™: Unlimited Booster Pack, set to launch in early 2024. Whether you’re gearing up for competitive play or simply looking to expand your collection, these Booster Packs are your gateway to an infinite galaxy of possibilities within the Star Wars universe.

Crafted with draft and sealed formats in mind, each Booster Pack guarantees an adventure packed with excitement. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • 16 cards, including a leader card and a base card adorned with an Experience or Shield token.
  • 9 Common cards, 3 Uncommon cards, and a valuable 1 Rare/Legendary card.
  • Plus, there’s a special foil card, which could feature any rarity card from the set.
  • But that’s not all; some lucky explorers might even stumble upon Rare “Hyperspace” variants and the ultra-exclusive “Showcase” variants.

According to the Star Wars™: Unlimited website, “Any card in a pack can be a Hyperspace variant, including leaders and bases. Even the foil card can be a Hyperspace variant! Keep in mind, the difference between a Hyperspace variant and the normal version of a card is purely aesthetic, so be sure to seek them out for your favorite cards.”

Normal version (left) vs. Hyperspace variant (right).

“There’s also an even rarer variant exclusive to leader cards: the “Showcase” variant, which features alternate art, a unique frame, and special foil treatment. Count yourself lucky if you manage to pull one of these elusive gems; they are few and far between!”

Normal version (left) vs. Showcase variant (right).

These Star Wars™: Unlimited Booster Packs were designed to support draft and sealed play. As the deckbuilding rules specify that your deck must have leader and a base, each pack ensures you will have what you need to begin curating your deck any way you want. This is exciting news for Star Wars fans and TCG players alike! Star Wars™: Unlimited officially releases in the first half of 2024 so grab your light sabers and get ready for some exciting Star Wars™ adventures!

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