Burnt Island Games and Split Stone Games Partner for Fungal Fun with Mycelia

This week, Burnt Island Games and Split Stone Games shared some exciting news! They’re teaming up, with the support of M.O.B. Vanguard, for a publishing partnership in North America to bring you Mycelia: The Strategic Mushroom Game!

Mycelia is a game the takes a look at the fascinating life cycle of fungus and Mycelium networks. Grow mushrooms to score points, use spores them to expand your network, and once they decay you’ll unlock special actions.

“I’m super excited to be partnering with Burnt Island Games. They already have a great back catalogue of games and I’m chuffed to see Mycelia as part of the family,” said Jack Neville, who designed and illustrated Mycelia and founded Split Stone Games. “We love the natural art and theme of Mycelia. Jack has created a unique set of mechanisms and brought them to life with his beautiful illustrations,” said Burnt Island Games owner Helaina Cappel. “Players are going to really enjoy growing, sporing, and decaying their mushrooms as they work to expand and
develop a fungi empire!”

“We have the utmost respect for Helaina Cappel and the whole company,” said Michael Raftopoulos, Founder and Co-owner of M.O.B. Vanguard. “We used to enjoy Burnt Island Games’ titles and we could not be prouder to see their logo in one of the games we represent and cherish”

Look for Mycelia in North American local gaming stores in 2024.

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