Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill – Now on Kickstarter!

Calling all board game enthusiasts and sushi lovers alike! Kids Table Board Gaming has launched their Kickstarter campaign for “Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill.” If you have a passion for strategy, a love of sushi, or just enjoy a good time with friends and family, this is a campaign you won’t want to miss.

Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skillis a delightful and fast-paced tabletop game that immerses players in the exciting world of sushi preparation. The game challenges players to strategically place ingredients and utilize special actions to craft the perfect sushi recipes.

What’s New in the Updated Version?

The latest edition of Wasabi introduces an array of fresh content to enhance your gaming experience. New recipe and action cards bring added depth and variety to the gameplay, ensuring that each session is a unique and enjoyable adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned Wasabi player or new to the game, these additions will keep you entertained and engaged.

For true aficionados, Kids Table Board Gaming is offering a Kickstarter-exclusive edition of “Wasabi.” This special edition includes a base tray from Trayforge, making it easy to organize your game. Additionally, backers will receive the Soy Sauce micro expansion, providing even more options and challenges to flavor your gameplay.

We’re big fans of the original so it is super exciting to see it lovingly updated and refreshed with new recipes and actions! You can hear us talk about the original game in our Podcast, #38 A Feast to Dive Into!

Join Kids Table Board Gaming on this culinary adventure, and let the good times roll with Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill by backing today here on Kickstarter.

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