What is Gameosity?

Gameosity is, perhaps quite obviously, about gaming.


But it’s not just about playing games.

Gameosity is about boards and cards and dice and little wooden cubes.  It’s about action point allocation, and variable player powers, and laying down cardboard tiles to make awesome cities or bases or worlds.

Gameosity is that sense of satisfaction you get from nicely-designed box inserts and thick cardboard tokens.  It’s that irrepressible smile that comes to your face when a game’s mechanics are so damn clever you wish you thought of them first, or when that strategy you decided on five turns ago suddenly comes together, and it’s too late for anyone at the table to stop you.

Gameosity is that statistically-impossible big play, or that come-from-behind victory, or that truly magnificent loss that turns a regular gaming session into a story you share with other gamers again and again.

We founded Gameosity based on one simple principle – we love games.

We love the crap out of them.  We love playing them, we love talking about them.  We obsessively adore the cleverness of good game design, and the endlessly opine about the value and validity of our favorite games and mechanics and aesthetics.  We also love talking about what didn’t work for us and why, and maybe even how to fix it.

And we want to share those opinions, because we often look for other folks with similar interest when we are trying to decide on what to spend our hard-earned cash, and we think our perspective will be useful.

We want to help the folks love gaming as much as we do, as well as bring in people who may live under the deeply mistaken impression that board games are exclusively for kids.  There shouldn’t be an upper age restriction on fun, and that’s what we’re really here to do.

Also we’re pretty goofy, so you might have a laugh or two at our expense.  That would be a good thing, by all accounts.

Gameosity exists because we love games, and gaming is awesome.  And if you love games, then welcome!  You’re right where you should be!  And if you don’t love games (yet), thanks for giving us a chance to introduce you to a new world of entertainment, as deep and rich and wonderful as any you’re likely to encounter.

Now come on!  We’ve got a lot of gaming to do!

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