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If you want to contact us about the site or send us your press releases, please send us an email at or find us on Twitter @Gameosity.  Really, don’t hesitate to reach out!  We love your faces!

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Team Gameosity simply loves finding fantastic games to share.  And we sincerely appreciate it when we are offered review copies and prototypes for preview.  In order to be as transparent as possible, here are our policies for both reviews and previews.

For all requests for Reviews/Previews, please contact us either via Twitter (@gameosity) or email and please include the title of your game and ‘request for review’ in the subject line!

  • Pro tip: Include links to your webpage, BGG entry, Press Kit, etc.  We love having as much info about your game as possible before everyone agrees to have us review it.

The following are true about both Reviews and Previews:

  • Content – We produce 3 main types of content: Written, Long Video, and Game in a Minute.  We reserve the right to determine which of these three we will use to cover your game after we’ve had some time to play it (based on the density of information to be conveyed, release schedule, and other factors).  If you have a preference, please feel free to express it before you send us your game – we’ll do our best to honor that request.
  • Timeframe – We generally require around 4 weeks to do a preview/review, though that can change depending on a number of factors.  If a specific time frame is of importance to you (like for a release date, KS window, etc.), please discuss it with us before sending us your game.  We don’t want to screw up your schedule! And while we do make exceptions for rushed content, it’s at our discretion and may have extra restrictions. So talk up front!
  • Ownership – We retain ownership over the materials you send us, unless you explicitly request otherwise before you send us your game.  This includes returning/forwarding the game to others.  We’re happy to accommodate, but we really need to understand your expectations ahead of time.
  • Restrictions
    • We don’t do Print & Plays. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but at best we’ll ask you to print and assemble it and send it to us.
    • We are DONE with games that emphasize vulgarity or the mockery of human beings.  If that could vaguely describe your game, think twice about contacting us to look at it.

Extra stuff for Previews:

  • We don’t currently charge for previews.  However, we reserve the right to request a deluxe/special/Kickstarter Exclusive edition of your game after the campaign.
  • We don’t currently do ‘How to Play’ videos. Tons of people do an awesome job of that for reasonable rates – just not us.
  • We aren’t playtesters!  The game you send us needs to be in a final/very nearly final stage of development!  We’re talking Kickstarter-ready, not ‘still working on it.’
  • We recognize that time frame and ownership over materials is even more important when it comes to previews.  Please let us know up front what your dates are and if you have any expectations around us returning/forwarding the materials you send us before you ship us anything!  Otherwise, we will do our best to hit the first week of your Kickstarter window and will retain your prototype as storage allows (which may not be long – we will never give away/sell your proto, but our storage space is limited).

Tone – For the sake of total transparency, we don’t enjoy doing negative Kickstarter previews. It takes up our time, hurts your campaign, and is no use to anyone.  Unless we feel like a game somehow deserves to be raked over the coals (rare, but it happens), we’d rather take a ‘no harm done’ approach. To that end, if we really don’t have anything nice to say about your game, we will reach out and let you know (so you don’t think we just decided not to preview your game), but we won’t be investing the time needed for a review.  Hopefully we’ll come up with a resolution that works for all of us.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • Hi Andrew Fisher and all the team,

    My name is Maxime Tardif, Designer of BrilliAnts. This is a flexible ant game for gamers and families where you take control of an ant colony to help it prepare for the coming winter! We relaunched our campaign on kickstarter since November 20th and reached our goal in 3 hours.

    I just discovered your website and I have to say, you guys do a great job. It is our first created project and we are really proud of it. Here is a smart explanation of our game, if you want to take a look and let us know what you think it would be great 🙂

    It is a game that has low down time between turn, that is easy to explain but with a lot of different strategies and re playability. It’s very well balanced and every action you take allow you to accomplish something that’s useful for your colony. The randomness in the game is limited, and usually the player that takes the best decisions will end up winning. But, the scores at the end of the game are always really tight and you cannot guess the winner before the last turn, which allows everyone to enjoy their gaming experience. It is a really good game for families and couples, but well adaptable for gamers that like more competitive games.


    Thank you for your time

    Maxime Tardif and SphereGames team

  • Just wanted to be added to mailing list.

    • Hi Trevor,

      You can sign up for the mailing list on our main page . The sign up section in on the lefthand side just below the search bar. If you are looking at this on your phone, you need to scroll down to just after the podcasts section. If you have any trouble I can add you manually.



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