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Return to Dark Tower Review (Including Dark Horde and Alliances)

Title: Return to Dark Tower Genre: Fantasy Adventure Publisher: Restoration Games Designer: Tim Burrell-Saward, Isaac Childres, Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau,

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The Liberation of Rietburg Review

Now it’s no secret that Team Gameosity loves a good cooperative game.  And up there with some of our favorites is Legends of Andor, a narrative-driven adventure game.  In The Liberation of Rietburg, players will return to the world of Andor, but this time instead of being tasked with defending an entire kingdom over the course of several scenarios, they must instead contend with the defense of the titular city as waves of monsters batter its walls and infiltrate its depths.  Do you and your fellow adventurers have what it takes to protect the city before it’s overrun with monsters?  Lets find out as we take a look at Liberation of Rietburg!

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