The Gameosity Podcast Episode #30: Water

The Podcast is back and this time we’re trying out a new sequence of episodes where we do linked subjects. The next few episodes will be based on the elements! Put on your swimmies and practice your backstroke because this episode we’re diving deep into games about Water!


3:23 Tonari
6:00 Deep Sea Adventure
9:35 Sunken City
12:05 Lost Valley
15:48 Fleet The Dice Game
18:41 Waters of Nereus
20:00 Moorea
21:52 Abyss/Conspiracy: Abyss Universe
25:06 Aquatica
26:09 Shipyard
28:33 Expedition Northwest Passage
30:55 Oceans
34:23 Freshwater fly
40:49 Opale
44:11 Islebound
45:24 Spirits of the Rice Paddy

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