The Gameosity Podcast Episode #32: Air

The Gameosity Podcast
The Gameosity Podcast
The Gameosity Podcast Episode #32: Air

In this episode of our Podcast we explore the idea of games related to air. Listen as Josh boasts his ability to choose the “perfect” Air game, Jess creates a secondary theme, and Andrew lists entirely too many games.


6:19 Haleakala
7:51 Steampunk Rally
10:28 Forbidden Desert
13:26 The Networks
17:23 Santa Monica
20:10 Now Boarding
25:54 Celestia
28: 52 Odin’s Ravens
32:31 Rhino Hero Super Battle
37:04 Piepmatz
40:41 Deep Blue
42:45 Papageno
Jess’s #1
46:40 Mariposas
Josh’s #1
49:27 Xenon Profiteer

Andrew’s honorable mentions list
51:49 Ahead in the Clouds
52:08 Cubirds
52:49 Deep Sea Adventure
53:36 Aerion
53:23 Search for Planet X

Andrew’s #1
54:42 Wingspan

Fan Suggestions:
@The_AdamFactor: Wingspan’s an easy pick for me!
@mdriddlen: Hmmmmm celestia
@steveretka: Petrichor is great!

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