The Gameosity Podcast Episode #33: Earth

The Gameosity Podcast
The Gameosity Podcast
The Gameosity Podcast Episode #33: Earth

The last of our elemental series is here! Today we get a little feisty while discussing our top 5 earth-related games.


05:38 Caverna Cave to Cave
08:48 Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure
11:57 Mandala
14:10 Trekking the World
17:01 Coal Baron
19:34 Village Green
22:55 Super Motherload
26:05 Gold West
29:19 Fields of Arle
34:39 In the Hall of the Mountain King
37:42 Terra Mystica
42:34 Pillars of the Earth
45:26 Planet
48:46 Rockwell
51:53 Terraforming Mars
52:59 Parks

Fan suggestions

@mdriddlen: “Subastral 😉 but also Planet”

@tea_tabletop: “Well then, I’ll toss in Takenoko. Because pandas and bamboos!”

57:19 Honorable mentions:

The cave
Journey to the Center of the earth
Cottage Garden
Carson City

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