The Gameosity Podcast Episode #34: Board Game World Tour

In this episode of the Gameosity podcast we examine where we would like to travel to within the world of board games.


Hot ones

1:41 Cubitos
5:17 Quarriors
6:55 Honey Buzz
8:24 Freshwater Fly

The Tour

15:26 Castles of Burgundy
20:49 Bora Bora & Hawaii
27:01 Ginkgopolis
31:54 Bali
35:27 Catlantis
35:58 The Ancient World
39:43 Broadhorns & Mississippi Queen
43:25 Tokaido
45:47 Akrotiri & Santorini
48:40 Bärenpark
54:56 Abyss
55: 56 Terraforming Mars & Space Park
56:59 Carson City, Dice Town, & Bruxells 1893

Fan Suggestion:

Ryan R: “Ginkgopolis (just to see a functioning ecological utopia), and Above and Below”

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