The Gameosity Podcast Episode #37 Hot and Cold

The Gameosity Podcast
The Gameosity Podcast Episode #37 Hot and Cold

In this episode of the Gameosity Podcast Andrew, Jessica, and Sarah talk about games they’ve cooled on and games they’ve warmed up to. Please note that our internet was having a bad day and some spots of the podcast lost some audio quality. It’s still listenable, but it makes Jess sad.


4:11 Machi Koro
6:25 Space Base
6:47 Valeria Card Kingdom
6:51 King Domino
8:57 Codenames
15:55 Cross Clues
18:45 Santorini
25:11 Coimbra
25:49 Forbidden Island
28:57 Return to Dark Tower
31:53 Terraforming Mars
34:19 Chimera Station
36:26 Dead of Winter
40:44 Bang the Dice Game
43:09 Turing Machine
43:28 Chronicles of Crime
46:49 Unmatched
52:00 Villainous
56:53 Tonari
1:00:56 Quarto

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