The Gameosity Podcast Episode #4: Scythe

The Gameosity Podcast Episode #4: Scythe
The Gameosity Podcast

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andrewasm chatHey everyone welcome to Podcast #4!  This time, Jess, Josh, and myself sit around and talk a bit about the games we are playing these days.  I talk about how excited I am to have gotten the entire North Sea Saga from Garphill Games (because Vikings are apparently my new pirates), as well as the newest episode from the excellent Captain Is Dead saga from The Gamecrafter.  Some love is thrown to Grant Rodiek’s Cry Havoc (by way of Josh questioning how he could possibly disagree with Tom Vassal) and Jess expounds a bit on what she sees as a trend toward higher quality games based on popular IPs.

And we gush about Scythe, from Stonemaire Games.  Because it’s not just enough that all three of us think it’s a great game, we really needed to understand why.

Thanks for listening!  If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them, and we’re always looking for suggestions on topics to cover!

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