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Found 2020 Results
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Play Starfinder with Alexa Featuring Voice Talent Laura Bailey and Nathan Fillion

Paizo has announced that the first three episodes of Starfinder are now available. The multi-part interactive audio adventure is played through Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices and will give players the chance to explore a futuristic science-fantasy world voiced by some of the industry’s top talents.

Katana Review

Katana is a game of simple mechanics.  Each turn, you will manage your hand of cards to attack your opponent, fighting to break through their armor and defeat them before they can manage to do the same to you.  Your cards can be used in several different ways, and deciding when to commit a card to an attack versus hold it back for defense or to use to assume a battle stance is at the heart of Katana and what makes it an engaging, streamlined experience.


August 4, 2020

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