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Pilfering Pandas Kickstarter Preview

The Pandas of Pilfering Pandas have had a pretty sweet gig at the zoo – lots of leisure time to lounge, no fighting with other animals for space, and a veritable buffet of bamboo.  But now, these pandas have decided that freedom is the most delicious meal of all, and have hatched a plan to escape the zoo and run free!  With the help of some bribable meerkats and with the zookeeper hot on their heels, the pandas had better pilfer fast so that they can make good on their escape!

pilfering pandas box art

May 31, 2021

Pandemic: Hot Zone – Europe Coming Soon!

Asmodee and Z-Man Games has officially announced the next installment in the Pandemic line: Pandemic: Hot Zone – Europe! The game  is headed to stores on July 9th, but you can already try it out via Z-Man’s website as a free PDF download!

May 17, 2021

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